☕ small wins

no flag unfurled,

empty stadiums,

found a wreath, no one’s watching.

no, it isn’t gilded roses,

it’s a paper-cut cure,

tiny, infinitesimal,

no one will ever know

not a laurel in a battle,

but an inch in the war

but the flag unfurling

doesn’t need to mean more,


It’s about the small wins

Didn’t leak a secret

Stayed away from coffee

Went to a party,

Chugged down the medicine

Even when you hated it,

Stayed off your phone today,

Went to a stranger, said ‘Hey!’.

…small wins.



A little extract of a song I wrote a while ago (Fun fact: these are the actual ‘small wins’ of some of my friends!).


Here’s a short, unedited poem I wrote as a challenge in under 5 minutes, using the words accident, coup, and world.

Photo by Nguyu1ec5n Thanh Ngu1ecdc on Pexels.com

Crashes and burns she

Walks breathing deep

Accidents happen but

She never hurts easily


Orange and red burning bright

A phoenix rising from the night

A word of hurt, sowing the doubt

But a thick skin is grown from years without


She always had to be strong

Could never do one thing wrong

Her heart tried to stage a coup

But strong girls don’t lead the room


Hercules benched on the side she’s

A victor but dying inside for

She can never show the world her worth

Such is the woman’s curse.




You did work hard.

You sacrificed all you have got.

You carefully laid down your playing cards.

Yet, the universe willed it and you lost.


A few days of tears

Seem like the longest years.

But what use are they?

They are wasting your day,

And there is nothing you can do about it.


Yes, the universe willed it.

And now you despise it.

You wonder why, and more you cry.

But, dear me, you are blind!


You do not see how much you have improved

How the universe is secretly helping you.

In this world there is no loser-

just a winner and a learner.


Believe in yourself, in your efforts, in your gifts.

And you will get just the right lift.

To enter the world with new determination…

To help this world and our generation.


So never doubt the power in you,

One day, you too, shall be great.

But remember, whether you win or you lose,

As long as your efforts are killer…

You shall always be a winner!



This is a poem that I wrote in 6th grade. I specifically remember writing this in the back of my class in 2016 on a torn off piece of notebook paper for the school magazine. I have changed and reworked it to help say what I really wanted to say, while staying true to the original roots of the poem. ‘True Winner’ was the first poem I published on my blog on August 6, 2016, having written it before I even had a blog.

Basically what I tried to say here was that hard work will see you through, and also that if you give your best to something, irrespective of whether you win or lose, you are a ‘winner’ because giving your all to something is the victory. Wow this is deep. Props to twelve year old Arshia.

🌹Pretty Flawed

Dazzling, sparkling, shining silver,

Empty but a torrent, a reflective shining blizzard,

An image there, startled, scared,

Buckling unheard under a weight it cannot bear.


For when was a rose

Spawned without its thorns

The shimmer of beauty

Never came without a cost.


For that glinting lock is far too straight

Perhaps a curl could lend it grace,

If only her eyes were large and clear,

Maybe then she could have learned to love her face.


Perhaps these clothes could hide the weight,

When was the last time that she ate?

Shoulders back, chin up, always sit upright,

Perfect hair, don’t stare, don’t forget to smile.


For they said she is imperfect and imperfect is she,

They pointed out her flaws and said she wasn’t pretty,

So she changed everything about herself to feel happy,

But tell me, after losing herself, who really could be?


She wore a mask of paint and dust

And hid behind it all day,

And hated what she saw beneath,

When it fell away.


Such violent, vicious, crippling hate

The kind that hurts and begins to callously decay,

A rosebush has roots, ones that keep it up straight,

But all the hurt and pain caused hers to slowly fade.


All the ones that love and care,

The sun, the sea, the land, the air,

Can help to heal you, but still

If you don’t hold yourself up, who will?


Learn to love that which you see

Beauty is not always what the eye doth meet,

Inside and outside, it’s a package deal

But never lose touch with reality.


Be the one you want to be,

Love yourself, indiscriminately,

Like a rose with all its thorns,

Pretty with all her imperfections and flaws.




The firework ignites,

Bursting in the sky,

Settled but not in place 

A sparkle of the prism

In the dazzle of grace

Brightest before the schism.



This was my first collaboration ever, with Aarushi! (It took us four years-but what better day than today?). Enjoy this short, offbeat poem encapsulating our whims and musings. Happy Friendship Day!


Celebrating four years of arshiavora.com 🙂

Sapling Plantation - Aster RV Hospital

An oppressive blanket of darkness

Stretching for miles and miles at end

Heavy, crushing, weighing down

A silence stretching all around.

A tiny soft and delicate seed

Dainty and weak, fueled by need

Life was never easy.


A push and a shake

Strength, behind the quake

A weakness in the defence

An army sent to hell

Dirt scatters all around

But nobody there shouts

No whistles or applause

It rises from the ground

Delicate, but proud

In morning sunlight’s glory,

A star begins it’s story.



👤When Nobody Believes You

Arshia Vora

When nobody believes you

Is your story even true?

When nobody believes you

What are you supposed to do?

Like the tree that fell

But you didn’t hear its sound,

Even if you’re screaming

Are you really that loud?

A fable changed by a thousand revisions

A story tamed for hint of rebellion

A lack in trust if the going gets tough

Reality diminished behind facade.

But running through the hallway which never ends

Ragged and heaving, shouting in defense

Will not scrape away the cobwebs of their tale

A single boat straining against a scarlet lake.

When nobody believes you, you are all alone

A single ember lighting up the ruins of a hope.

When nobody believes you, do not give up the fight,

The veil will shift, the clouds will part, the truth will come to light.



🏆Blogger Recognition Award!

Hey! I have been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by Ishaan Sharma.


1. Write a post to show your award, thanking and linking the blogger who nominated you.
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Essentially, in 2016, I wrote a poem and positively rushed to show it to my new English teacher. To my delight, she not only loved it but also suggested that I start a blog. This was not something that had ever crossed my mind, but after a bit of thought, I started my blog- Arshia Vora-Poems and More. (The name clearly took time).


Frankly, I’m hardly in a position to give advice, but here’s some stuff I wish someone had told me.

  • Tags are really important. Have at least 10 relevant tags on each of your posts so people interested in posts like yours can see it.
  • Really interact with the WordPress Community- It’s a beautiful place and everyone is simply brimming with tips, feedback and ways to grow. They will also increase your traffic.

My Nominees are:

  1. Shelly Ann Joseph
  2. True Self
  3. Catherine Jayne
  4. M. Taggart
  5. Sivaranjani
  6. That Enigmatic Soul
  7. Positively Alyssa
  8. Asnani the Poet
  9. Roth Poetry
  10. Word Hunter
  11. Cybelle
  12. The Sentimental
  13. Christiannamony
  14. Moda Theresa
  15. Ann Bmap

Thank you so much once again for the nomination! It had been delayed for nearly three months. I’ve been really inactive for a while, but the posts will start coming in now. Stay home, stay safe.



🎇New Year

New Year Fireworks, Harbour Bridge -AV

It’s the beginning of a chapter,

What’s written has been writ

But the fresh, blank paper

Has not a blot of ink on it.


A rose white page

A filled, black pen

You’ve written the beginning

Now continue with the end.


Hey! Here’s a 3 month late New Years poem that I did write around the right time, but couldn’t publish. Now the rest of my exams have been postponed due to the virus, here’s my (very delayed) first post of 2020, ‘New Year’.




PPS: Wow. Look at this poor fool writing this poem not knowing what she was in for. I published that on March 20, 2020. Can you believe it’s almost March again? Like HOW??? However this is a New Years poem and I will certainly be recycling this every year till I get back the energy to write another one. Congrats on making it through 2020! Happy New Year!! (Jan 2, 2021)

🔥 she

And she was a star

Who shone so bright,

She burned herself

To prove her might.



📱Social Media- A Platform to Express Yourself

Is social media a boon or a curse?

Winner of Hindustan Times Scholarship program 2017-2018

Finding your voice is a taxing challenge for every man, woman and child. Different talents must be showcased through different mediums. And not all are fortunate enough to have opportunities (such as this paper) to be recognised. Social Media serves as a platform for such people to express themselves to the world, and all they need is a gadget.

Without social media only the rich would get fame, while the poor, oppressed people would wither and die unrealised in the background. A big lie it would be to say that even on social media everyone has a chance to fame, but definitely more people are earning their place in the world than in the days gone.

Social media, however, also gently eases the pain of being parted from friends and family, as now we can commune with just a touch of our fingers. Questions may be answered faster, lessons may be shared, followers for a charity and likeminded thinkers for a protest may be gathered by just social media. News of an impending disaster or riots may be share to help people. Books can be published, hobbies can be praised, and contests may be joined, all thanks to social media.

‘Be a voice, not an echo.’ This is the underlying quote of social media and this is what is practiced. Everyone displays their unique personality –> may it be through photos, videos or texts, and joined together they form the most powerful mosaic in the world, able to move a mountain or raise the skies. The world would be an empty place without social media, devoid of opportunity and filled with loneliness.



🦋 butterfly

The butterfly gave its wings

a flutter

Lands far away dissolved

in thunder

If a butterfly flaps its wings in the right place, at just the right time, it can cause a hurricane thousands of miles away.

Chaos Theory



🌊 O C E A N

A sparkling plane of cosmic size

Glistening waves that incessantly mesmerize

Emrald green, glittering turquoise

Graceful, smooth, full of poise.


Endearing, tugging at the eyes,

Playing the Siren, pulling us inside

A writhing monster, having enough,

Thirsting for more,

A power hidden from our eyes

By delicate waves and crafty lies.


So huge, so massive, ginormous size

Unable to fathom,

Dragging large ships to their knees,

Playing a pirate to pirates

Massacring fleets

Hiding and burying everything beneath.


And when the day is sunny

And the birds are warbling merry

And you feel safe and sound

One day, this colossal being will pounce

No swords, no guns, you can’t run forever

There will come a time to submit yourself to the terror.



🥀 Roses

Should Students Be Allowed to Grade Teachers?

Teachers are the torchbearers of our future. Day in and day out we curse the education system but deep (very deep) down, we all know that knowledge is better than nescience.

Every child is like a delicate flower, and one can never be sure whether a particular stimulus will make it bloom….or wilt.

With relation to the topic, YES. I believe that teachers must be graded.

Every teacher has undergone the same rigorous training, sat through the same lectures, attended the same colleges, nurtured the same dreams- so what makes them different? It is their personalities. Each teacher has a different way of working, a different way of conducting lectures, in just the same way that every class has an overall, average personality. A lot of times a teacher and her students are not personality compatible. This can result in chaos in the class and frustration at both ends.

Teachers will only enjoy teaching if their students love them. They will never understand what a student really needs unless they receive some feedback. The roses will wilt slowly in the background.


Arshia Vora

Published in the Hindustan Times Newspaper dated 11/10/2018 .

🍏Food For Thought



Life is a war.

You’re either fighting to show you are the king


Or just sometimes to prove that your better than everyone else.


Sometimes you fight for food


Sometimes you fight because you have different veiws.


You fight when someone has wronged you.

Or if someone has told you lies.


But tell me, is this how you want to live your life?

If you let them have that eensy, tiny superiority, you can soar


Let it go.

Enjoy your life.


Live free


Follow your dreams


Don’t spend your whole life obsessing over the weight of life’s problems


And don’t stay in one place your whole life hoping that ‘someone will discover your hidden talent”


That only happens in the movies


Do it now




And you wont ever know where you reach.




So long, suckas



~Arshia Vora

✏The Power of a Word


Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. – Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter series.

A word can make you

A word can break you

A word can change you

A word can save you.


Nations have formed at

The utterance of a word.

Nations have fallen at

The utterance of a word.


The Bible and the Vedas

Are written using words

These words have shaped

The size and way of our world.


The simple phrase ‘You WON!’

Has made you the great person you are today

And the phrase ‘You have failed’

Has caused many a hope to get derailed.


Movies, drama, literature, all

Use words to communicate their story

Without these words we would never know

The tales made of imagination and glory.


Without words we could never impart

Information about the predicted end- and the start.

We could never speak and communicate

About what we love and what we hate.


Arshia Vora

🏆 WordPress Contest Nomination!


Thank you Jade Literary Magazine  for nominating me for this award!!!!

This was started by http://www.wordpresscontest.wordpress.com


  • Thank the person who nominated you.
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If you were granted one wish what would it be?

Peace on Earth, I think?

Dogs or cats?


Space or Ocean?


If you were roaming around alone in an alley and you saw a chest and opened it, what would you pick- the potion to end feeling pain or the potion to stop causing pain?

I would pick the potion to stop causing pain.

If you could live in any fantasy world, what would it be?

Harry Potter world KABOOM.

Why did you start your blog?

My teacher made me, so that I could have a platform to express my poetry.

Would you rather be a writer or a reader?


What is your favourite quote in the world?

Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic, capable of both influencing injury, and remedying it- Dumbledore

Your favorite video game.


Do you live your dream or dream your life first?

People dream their lives before they live their dreams, because the dream has to, and always does, come first.


Aarushi Aiyar

Alyssa Bowman

Her Majesty

Roth Poetry


Writing in North Norfork

Forgotten Meadows

Heart Breathings


Lynz real cooking


  1. Is beauty skin deep or not? Explain.
  2. (Question credit-Alyssa Bowman) If you could live inside the fantasy world of a book, who would you get to write it?
  3. State one interesting fact about yourself.
  4. Would you rather bully or be bullied?
  5. If you could repeat school, would you do it and why?
  6. What is the one thing you can’t live without?
  7. Who has been your biggest inspiration?
  8. If you could invent a sport, what would you call it?
  9. ‘Take care of the pennies and the pounds shall take care of themselves’ or ‘Take care of the pounds and the pennies shall take care of themselves’/
  10. What is the one quote you follow with your life?



🌠 I Wish

I wish.

I wish I had the power with words

That could twist through you like a fork

Bring you great agony

Cause you to stir a mutiny

Against every wrong in the world

About how people everyday suffer.

Because they have no food,

No clothes, no house, no job.

But that power isn’t mine,

I really wish it was.

I wish

I wish I could make you understand

That the joy you see,

Is a mirage, a fake mirror

Built around to protect you

But through those cracks you’ll see,

How people truly suffer.

They plaster on that old fake smile

But really they are breaking inside

Cracking to pieces

Under the weight of the world

Carrying all their burdens

Upon their shoulders

But that power isn’t mine,

I really wish it was.

I wish

I wish I could open up your eyes

To view Mother Nature as she dies

Like the cancer that creeps up your veins

Eradicating, killing, everything in its way

Humans accompanied by their lies

Are doing nothing for their lives

They fail to hear nature’s waning cries

But that power isn’t mine

I really wish it was.

I wish

I wish I was able to guide you right,

Away from the world and its fake guise

Out of the veil into reality,

Where people have no health and no money

Where their wills are slowly cracking,

Lives are slowly blackening;

To get you to help them in any way possible

Stop the world from dying

At a rate abnormal.

Do everything you could,

Want to make them feel understood

End the problems of the world,

Take out the lemon from the hurt

But that power isn’t mine

I really wish it was.


Runner up at the National Poetry Competition conducted by Robinage (BrightSparks). Appeared in the Robinage newspaper published in June.


What is it we all want to be now?

We want to be normal. We want to fit in.

Well, here’s the thing. In my school, everyone is weird. So the definition of ‘normal’ changes with it.

Today, while I am writing this, being abnormal is the new normal. Make your own style. Do what you love. Stand out.

You need to be odd to be number one.

Yes, we’ve all heard that. But never given it much thought, have we? We wan’t to do what everyone else is doing, because its safer that way. I mean, if everyone goes for the smoothie instead of the milkshake,  the smoothie must be better.

But have you ever thought that, maybe everyone has different tastes? Or the freedom to make different choices?

Before, you could either be a doctor, lawyer, or maybe an engineer to be respected. Now look at what replies are flooding in.

What is your job/ dream job?

I work as  a retailer.


Honestly, I can’t decide. I think I would like to be a software engineer, or a VGD, an author as a side job if I get famous or a Minecraft youtuber. All of these sound TOTALLY AWESOME to me!

Aarushi Aiyar

My dream job would without a doubt be an author. I love to write and would love to write a book someday! I started my blog in July 2017, but I have been writing for as long as I can remember. I have written a lot of poems over the years.

I am a retired teacher!


(Answer this question in my comments section!)

I for one, have always wanted to become an inventor, but after that I can’t choose between fashion designing, writing, singing and songwriting.

As you can see, our world is changing. Fast. And if you try to ‘fit in’ NOW, you’ll be left behind forever. Nobody is capable of changing at the pace of the world. No one. So you need to pick your own style, your own traits, your own love, your own friends, your own life, and live it.

Now you may say ‘Well, if the new normal is being abnormal, and your post says to not follow the norms, does that mean we have to be normal? Or the old normal? Or what? I’m confused!!’

I’m just trying to say, do what you want, and nothing else. Live for yourself and no one else. Never be scared to display your thoughts.

It’s your world.
Your life

Your style


It’s all your’s, and nobody has a right to it. Nobody.



😞 Why Try?


You see a long path ahead of you.


When you were little, you dreamed of a happy future. But now you know better.


The worlds too competitive. You’re not going to make it. You’re NOT going to be the famous person you always wished you were. Your not going to stand out.


Stand tall.


You’re going to be one in many.


Its never going to happen.





Tell me, how DON’T you feel that you’re bigger than this?


How can you be satisfied with this life?


Dont you feel like….. the world needs you?


Your talent. Your expertise. YOU.


Youe talent can be looking totally cool with a hairdryer and some shades.


Or dancing

Or weilding a lipstick with dramatic effect.

But its a talent and we need it.

Spread your feathers


They may not be made for flying; they may be made for other reasons and that’s good enough.


You are worth so much more than this.


❤Arshia Vora

Check out The Writers of WordPress if you wish to join a writers club or veiw the best of wordpress.


🏅 True Winner.

One of my best works.
My first poem ever ON THIS BLOG❤

Arshia Vora

You did work hard.

You sacrificed all you have got.

You carefully laid down your playing cards.

Yet, God willed it and you lost.


A few days of tears

Seem like the longest years.

But what use are they?

They are wasting your day,

And there is nothing you can do about it.


Yes, God willed it.

And now you despise Him.

You wonder why, and more you cry.

But, dear me, you are blind!


You do not see how much you have improved.

How God is secretly helping you.

In this world there is no loser-

just a winner and a learner.


Believe in God, in Him, in His gifts.

And you will get just the right lift.

To enter the world with new determination…

To help this world and our nation.


So never doubt the power of God

One day, you too, shall…

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👊🏻 The Fight

A butterfly must break put of its cocoon

To be able to fly;

But it shall not be able to succeed

If it fails the fight.


Nights and days can come and go

And every new day

Is a struggle- so fight it

Hop on  to the victory train.


The train will just take you to the next stop

Another obstacle you must cross.

Time and again you will keep losing

But come back and toughen, put your all in succeeding.


The stronger you are, the better you shall be

Your name shall be engraved in memory.

It then will be easy……

But the fight never ends: not really.


Well- you could stay in the crowd

Like ants in the ground

Never having an identity

Hiding for all eternity.


But then you can’t complain

When others win the day

Or always moan and wail

About how the world never discovered your extraordinary game.



💭 To Dream A Life

Has a wisp- unkindled- of thought

Curled around the world

Passing leagues, village and forest

Where ideas are never put to rest.

Like a spark in the brain, travelling like liquid

Sweet and slippery, intoxicating sweetness.

Trickling on from heart to soul

Trickling on like liquid gold

Ever brightening, precious something

Calling forth a change from ze old.


Change like that in a blossoming flower

Minute, yet transforming every hour.

Reforms and revolutions, for humans, for pigeons

Living or dead, dreams bring changes.

With colours that paint the nations

With colours that endure generations

With colours created or long extinct

Each idea contributes to the next great thing.

Heading forward, never going back

The unachievable dream of a universe of perfection.


Hardship endures every step

Yet no one will give up without a worthy test.

The trail of thought that awakens household

The whisper of that which is heard and not told.

Everyone dream of being in power,

Ways to become the man of the hour.

Clashes and turmoil, accusing each other

To prove our creations are by far the greater.

Judged and graded for our every feat

One wrong move we may lose all our meat.


The dream is the beginning, the beginning is important

The journey and the ends are secondary components.

Every word or action of yours causes reaction

Even if it is of the tiniest fraction.

Dream big, work hard, righteousness intact

Do what you love and love what you do and never ever go back.

Follow your dreams, don’t pay heed to what the haters say

Make your dream make a worth of your every day.

Always be optimistic and never stop believing

Work hard, look ahead and you will keep succeeding.



👩🏼‍💻 Tech Trap

Gone are the days when you had to remember

Your best friends, families and cousins phone numbers

Now you just save it on your phone

Into contacts it goes with their name and photo.


Today’s mentality,

 Is that life is technology.

Some think it good, some think it bad,

Most think that our new world is positively mad.


Now, if you have a question you don’t ask your teacher;

You log straight onto Google on your computer.

Your questions turn to answers at the click of a button,

The knowledge rate is pulling in- From one to a dozen.


Apps are the coolest new innovation

In every new game you want your registration.

Our noses stay buried inside of these gadgets

From chefs to basketballs to swordsmen and their hatchets.


To swap our real world for a virtual one anything we can give.

So engrossed are we that we have forgotten to live.



📐 Maths teacher)

Mathematical Equations

Normally go like this

1 + 2 + 3 X 1 = 6

But you as a Teacher

Are composed of this

Amazing + Nice + Sweet + Kind = Learning Bliss.


You understand friendships

You understand doubts

You even gently explain us the way to shut our wagging mouths.


You’ve helped us from way deep down

Miss, you’re perfect for the crown

Of Queen of Maths and never wearing a frown.



🔬 The Biology Teacher

Biology is the study

Of the working of the human body.

The only way to learn this

Is through an experienced somebody.


Some people may doze off

If the classroom is too hot,

Or even if the day’s lecture comprises mostly talk;

But if you’re the teacher teaching, definitely not.


You take us through a lesson practically,

You give each one a lot of thought;

Each one is planned strategically

To reach the brain of us doleful lot.


You’re one of the kindest teachers I’ve ever known,

You’re amongst the nicest ones to ever show,

So, Dear Miss awesome, you’re the best,

At handling a class or correcting a test.



🌟 The Secret to Success


You have something to do

You have something to prove

You have a dream in your head

So follow it get out of bed.


This step may cause you dread

Others may start seeing red.

But do it if you heart tells you to

Even if the world say ‘This you mustn’t do.


You were always meant to be

The unique one-though now, that you won’t see.

Carve a new path, don’t use an old one

Its hard and treacherous, but your day will come.


If you manage to do this-and add a mix of fun,

Your future will no longer look dull;

You can be an artist or an inventor or even a cook,

A doctor, film-maker, park ranger or even write a book.


Whatever you do you’ll excel and get famous,

Even if you do design a circus tent canvas.

Just put in all your hard work and determination,

And you can be the jewel of the world and your nation.



🌸 Flowers

They’re gifts, they’re presents

They never run us errands.

But yet they’re loved, yet respected

Never them doing us harm have we suspected.

They lift our spirits, keep us content,

Flowers do not take but always lend.


They’re white, pink, blue

Such different hues

With a fragrance calming to the mind

They’re absolutely divine!

Some smell of scented sandalwood, they put us in a trance

And the smell of purple lavander makes us wanna dance.


We use them in  bouquets that give us joy and hope

These are the best gifts for which one will vote.

They have fragrance and colour

They work together  like a sister and brother

Together they have a supersonic power

To entrance and give joy -its the power of a flower.



📚 Exams

It’s hard

It’s annoying

Time consuming

So chaotic,

But yet I like it anyway.


I admit-the parts

Of study

And hurry!

No say

And no play

Do really mess up my day;


But the chatter

And the matter

Of discussion

And the laughter

Is so much fun once exams go away


Yes-the rules

Of healthy food

And no gadgets

And ‘No talking zones’

Are enough to drive me crazy.


But once we pass

We leave all and dance

Or holiday somewhere

For at last




👩🏼‍🏫 Teachers

You are our mentors

At various training centres.

May it be school or an extra class

In every test you help us pass.


You are our teacher

Without you- we’ll nowhere feature.


You encourage us to do our level best

Even if we can’t beat the rest.

You make lectures interesting with lots of fun and jest

Thanks to you we no longer stumble through boring study quests.


You are our teacher

Without you- we’ll nowhere feature.


You took me on a journey through many topics

From chemicals to tables to life in the tropics.

From the Joan of Arc to language command

To distribution of light to structure of the heart.


You are our teacher

Without you we’ll nowhere feature.



📚 Books

Books can be big

Books can be small

But really, that doesn’t matter at all

What matters is the story, the message it gives

Those messages that help us now as we live.


Most enjoyable is a fiction story

Which tells us about people and their glory.

About people who earned the respect of the world,

Even when against them hope had turned.


Real life stories give us faith and trust

That for victory, working hard is a must.


And with every crisp page we turn,

More and more we continue to learn.


Books are lovely,

Interesting and funny,

I love them a lot

But not more than my mummy.



🖋The Journey of A Pen


The pens were discussing their fate

Just as they were newly made.

They wondered how their life would be

They wondered how very nice it would be


Said the one who was made first

‘We’re going’ to a pen shop for better or worse.

They’ll sell us to a human who’ll guide us as we dance

And the trail we leave behind us will make them jump and prance.’


The pens were very happy ‘til he added more:

‘Some humans are very naughty and will throw you out the door.

Some are much worse and will crush you on the floor,

Most will not use you at all and that is such a bore.’


And if you try to run away they’ll catch you on your path;

‘Coz when we run we leave a trail that stays for long last.’



🏆 True Winner.


You did work hard.

You sacrificed all you have got.

You carefully laid down your playing cards.

Yet, God willed it and you lost.


A few days of tears

Seem like the longest years.

But what use are they?

They are wasting your day,

And there is nothing you can do about it.


Yes, God willed it.

And now you despise Him.

You wonder why, and more you cry.

But, dear me, you are blind!


You do not see how much you have improved.

How God is secretly helping you.

In this world there is no loser-

just a winner and a learner.


Believe in God, in Him, in His gifts.

And you will get just the right lift.

To enter the world with new determination…

To help this world and our nation.


So never doubt the power of God

One day, you too, shall be great.

But remember, whether you win or you lose,

As long as your efforts are killer…

You shall always be a winner!