๐Ÿ“– The Autobiography of God



The world you live in knows me by several different names, in different tongues and religions. You respect me and love me, as I do you, however I am at a loss with the oddities that you perform, and the ideas the beliefs you pass around, convinced that it is what I want.

You say I am omnipresent, yet you see it fit to keep me in an idol. You say that I look equally at everyone, yet you openly scorn those who do not visit the temple. Some of you inflict pain on yourself, just in my name. Well, ask yourself this. WHY would I want you to hurt yourself? I have created you, havenโ€™t I? So then why would I want my creations to feature scars- not of bravery, which is honourable- but of fear of my anger? And why would I want you to hurt others in my name? I want everyone to be all right, and if somebody does commit a wrong, I trust in your justice to give them reasonable punishment, though if you donโ€™t, I will punish both of you, fairly. But I do not want you to be fair out of fear of me- OH NO- I want you to do it for yourself. For the rested, undisturbed dreams and contendness you shall experience once you have been just. On the same lines, I donโ€™t want you, as is the common custom, to donate goods to the needy and orphanages โ€˜Because God shall be angry if you donโ€™t!โ€™ You must do all good deeds for yourself, for the good that rests in it, and NOT out of fear of me. DO IT FOR YOU!

And religion shouldnโ€™t divide us. It should bind us together. Because at the end of the day, its ME you are praying to, no matter which avatar. Remember; donโ€™t waste your life doing things out of fear of me.ย  As that is not how your life should be. Live to enjoy, keep your values in mind, NEVER EVER give up, and you shall rise up in your world. No help from me required.

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