What is it we all want to be now?

We want to be normal. We want to fit in.

Well, here’s the thing. In my school, everyone is weird. So the definition of ‘normal’ changes with it.

Today, while I am writing this, being abnormal is the new normal. Make your own style. Do what you love. Stand out.

You need to be odd to be number one.

Yes, we’ve all heard that. But never given it much thought, have we? We wan’t to do what everyone else is doing, because its safer that way. I mean, if everyone goes for the smoothie instead of the milkshake,  the smoothie must be better.

But have you ever thought that, maybe everyone has different tastes? Or the freedom to make different choices?

Before, you could either be a doctor, lawyer, or maybe an engineer to be respected. Now look at what replies are flooding in.

What is your job/ dream job?

I work as  a retailer.


Honestly, I can’t decide. I think I would like to be a software engineer, or a VGD, an author as a side job if I get famous or a Minecraft youtuber. All of these sound TOTALLY AWESOME to me!

Aarushi Aiyar

My dream job would without a doubt be an author. I love to write and would love to write a book someday! I started my blog in July 2017, but I have been writing for as long as I can remember. I have written a lot of poems over the years.

I am a retired teacher!


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I for one, have always wanted to become an inventor, but after that I can’t choose between fashion designing, writing, singing and songwriting.

As you can see, our world is changing. Fast. And if you try to ‘fit in’ NOW, you’ll be left behind forever. Nobody is capable of changing at the pace of the world. No one. So you need to pick your own style, your own traits, your own love, your own friends, your own life, and live it.

Now you may say ‘Well, if the new normal is being abnormal, and your post says to not follow the norms, does that mean we have to be normal? Or the old normal? Or what? I’m confused!!’

I’m just trying to say, do what you want, and nothing else. Live for yourself and no one else. Never be scared to display your thoughts.

It’s your world.
Your life

Your style


It’s all your’s, and nobody has a right to it. Nobody.



💭 To Dream A Life

Has a wisp- unkindled- of thought

Curled around the world

Passing leagues, village and forest

Where ideas are never put to rest.

Like a spark in the brain, travelling like liquid

Sweet and slippery, intoxicating sweetness.

Trickling on from heart to soul

Trickling on like liquid gold

Ever brightening, precious something

Calling forth a change from ze old.


Change like that in a blossoming flower

Minute, yet transforming every hour.

Reforms and revolutions, for humans, for pigeons

Living or dead, dreams bring changes.

With colours that paint the nations

With colours that endure generations

With colours created or long extinct

Each idea contributes to the next great thing.

Heading forward, never going back

The unachievable dream of a universe of perfection.


Hardship endures every step

Yet no one will give up without a worthy test.

The trail of thought that awakens household

The whisper of that which is heard and not told.

Everyone dream of being in power,

Ways to become the man of the hour.

Clashes and turmoil, accusing each other

To prove our creations are by far the greater.

Judged and graded for our every feat

One wrong move we may lose all our meat.


The dream is the beginning, the beginning is important

The journey and the ends are secondary components.

Every word or action of yours causes reaction

Even if it is of the tiniest fraction.

Dream big, work hard, righteousness intact

Do what you love and love what you do and never ever go back.

Follow your dreams, don’t pay heed to what the haters say

Make your dream make a worth of your every day.

Always be optimistic and never stop believing

Work hard, look ahead and you will keep succeeding.