📐 Maths teacher)

Mathematical Equations

Normally go like this

1 + 2 + 3 X 1 = 6

But you as a Teacher

Are composed of this

Amazing + Nice + Sweet + Kind = Learning Bliss.


You understand friendships

You understand doubts

You even gently explain us the way to shut our wagging mouths.


You’ve helped us from way deep down

Miss, you’re perfect for the crown

Of Queen of Maths and never wearing a frown.



🔬 The Biology Teacher

Biology is the study

Of the working of the human body.

The only way to learn this

Is through an experienced somebody.


Some people may doze off

If the classroom is too hot,

Or even if the day’s lecture comprises mostly talk;

But if you’re the teacher teaching, definitely not.


You take us through a lesson practically,

You give each one a lot of thought;

Each one is planned strategically

To reach the brain of us doleful lot.


You’re one of the kindest teachers I’ve ever known,

You’re amongst the nicest ones to ever show,

So, Dear Miss awesome, you’re the best,

At handling a class or correcting a test.